Anchor Youth Group


Who are we?
We are the Youth Group of First Baptist Church Haynesville.

When do we meet?
Sunday Morning 9am
Sunday Evening 6-7pm
Wed. Night: 6.30-7.30pm

About Us:
All of us are created in the image of God. We are all His workmanship (we are all His masterpiece). Because of this fact, we love everyone as Christ first loved us. The problem, though, is sin. When God made the first man and woman, they sinned against Him by thinking they knew better than God and not trusting what He told them. The result of that fall is we are all born with a nature to put ourselves first. The Bible even says that we all hate God. This separates us from God, leaving us standing before Him condemned. There is good news, though. God, being rich in mercy, (giving us what we don’t deserve), became what He created in Jesus. Those of us that have been given new life by Christ are now the visible and touchable body of Christ to all we come in contact with. That is why we meet together–to be the body of Christ. Christ has changed us and breathed life into our body. He came and met us when we were dead in sin. We now all say with Peter and John, “We cannot help but tell of the things that we have seen and heard from our time spent with Christ.” Acts 4:20 
Come meet Jesus. You may know who He is but He wants more. He wants you to love Him and surrender to His lordship