Woman’s Missionary Union

1st Monday of Every Month
Ladies of the WMU



Woman’s Missionary Union challenges Christian believers to understand and be radically involved in the mission of God.

Objectives of WMU

The objectives of WMU (formerly called “areas of missions focus”) reflect a biblical understanding of missions and provide a holistic approach to missions awareness and participation. Content in WMU materials supports these objectives, providing a comprehensive and balanced approach to missions in the church.

Pray for Missions

To pray for missions means to communicate with God on behalf of missions work, people involved in missions work, and people that need to know and accept God’s redeeming love.


Engage in Mission Action and Witnessing

The teaching and actions of Jesus recorded in the New Testament show us that the Christian faith is not stagnant but active and participatory. We are to share the gospel in word and deed verbally and through our actions.


Learn About Missions

Learning about missions helps believers better understand what God says about making His name known throughout the earth.


Support Missions

Christians have a part in upholding the cause of missions, maintaining missions work, and encouraging missions personnel.


Develop Spiritually Toward a Missions Lifestyle

For the believer, spiritual development involves growing in our relationship with Jesus Christ. It involves day-to-day living that applies and carries out the missions imperatives of God’s Word.